• Todd Hilton

International Living Convention in Las Vegas 2016

Hi Adventurers....

People ask us all the time about what it was that made us choose to travel the world. How did we become motivated. Truthfully, it was our first trip to Bali that started the discussion, and then it was a lot of watching House Hunters International that got us thinking we could possibly do it. But it was really our trip to Las Vegas to attend the International Living Convention in 2016 that really pushed us into action. We met so many people who were looking to do the same thing as we were, and listening to the speakers talk about living abroad successfully on a budget made us decide to take the plunge.

Here's the video we made at the Las Vegas Convention. We didn't know what we were getting into, but it really was this event that helped to get us on the road. Take a look, and maybe you, too, will become motivated to try it for yourselves. Remember....It's Never Too Late To Follow Your Dreams!

~ Enjoy!

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