• Todd Hilton

We've Taken The Plunge And Decided To Travel The World!

Hi Adventurers....

We are Todd and Damon, but you can call us T & D. It was in the Fall of 2016 that we made the radical decision to sell everything (and we do mean everything!) we owned and set out for an adventure of a lifetime. We were both tired of working long hours for thankless paying jobs, so we decided to see what life was like traveling abroad. We'd heard so much about people making great lives for themselves while living abroad with very little money, and wanted to see for ourselves first hand if it was for real. This video is our "goodbye" to the regular world, and our "hello" to a new life of exciting travel.

Please join along on our adventure. We'd love to have you, and we welcome you with open arms. What does the world have in store for us.....? Well, you'll just have to follow along to find out. Take care, and we'll see you someplace internationally.

~ Enjoy!

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