• Todd Hilton

We're Nomadic Adventurers!

Hi Adventurers....

We're Todd and Damon, but you can just call us T & D. We got tired of the crazy rat race of life. Working long hours and putting money into someone else's pockets, and making THEIR dreams come true. We had our own dream. A dream to travel the world and live in exotic places. We put our heads together, did a little research, and we decided to do it. Thus...Nomadic Adventurers was created.

Come on along and join us as we travel to many different ports of call. We'll meet different people, and see many different sights. We want you to be a part of our journey. Click the subscribe button and don't miss out on any of the videos we'll be posting! We thank you in advance.

And remember...It's Never Too Late To Follow Your Dreams!

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